So I’m jumping on the blog-bandwagon. I figured that for the next year while I’m out of the country in Bangladesh, instead of bothering people with a flood of impersonal mass emails, I would post it all in a one of these hip and trendy blog thingies, so that those interested could read about my life as they pleased. I have an affinity towards digression and half of what I write will probably be more like journal entries for myself to reread one day than anything else... but enjoy...

Friday, November 24, 2006

Raise da roof

Known as the Rooftop of the world, Nepal is beautiful. I'm spoiled to have had the opportunity to go such a magical place. We were only here for a week, but none the less I got a taste of the place. Honestly its where I'd originally pictured apply to go for my Fulbright there was of course some violence so never went.

When we were there, the king had just recently stepped down relatively peacefully, and there was a sense of joy in the air. Our friends had been a few weeks prior and they were able to witness peaceful celebration victory parades and demonstrations.

The country is a unique blending of Buddhist and Hindu cultures... Flying into Kathmandu Valley, I felt a bit like I'd stepped into the sound of music. It reminded me a bit like what I picture Switzerland to be like. Its a land of wonder... a land UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The umm, interesting food given to us on Biman Airlines.

City of Baktapur


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