So I’m jumping on the blog-bandwagon. I figured that for the next year while I’m out of the country in Bangladesh, instead of bothering people with a flood of impersonal mass emails, I would post it all in a one of these hip and trendy blog thingies, so that those interested could read about my life as they pleased. I have an affinity towards digression and half of what I write will probably be more like journal entries for myself to reread one day than anything else... but enjoy...

Friday, September 09, 2005

Trekking the Beaches

My favorite Danish meal might be lunch. I have such wonderful memories of great Danish lunches at my grandmother’s apartment. The Danes are big on open faced sandwhices, both white and rye bread. Sandwhich toppings include mackerel, liver patte, potatoes, egg, tomatoes, salami, lots of cheeses, and lots of different jams. The two most important condiments are remoulade and stegt løg. Remoulade is a wonderful mayonnaise-relish and stegt løg are little pieces of fried onions that you can sprinkle generously on top of most things that are edible.

Another nice long walk the next day with the uncle. Walked for 6 hours just walking on the beach… very meditative.

Moste Gitte, Once Viggo, Mums

Rageleje, Denmark

Tisvildeleje, Denmark


Stones on the beach


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