So I’m jumping on the blog-bandwagon. I figured that for the next year while I’m out of the country in Bangladesh, instead of bothering people with a flood of impersonal mass emails, I would post it all in a one of these hip and trendy blog thingies, so that those interested could read about my life as they pleased. I have an affinity towards digression and half of what I write will probably be more like journal entries for myself to reread one day than anything else... but enjoy...

Sunday, September 04, 2005

London Walking Tour No. 1

Didn’t sleep that night of course… jet lag is the worst. Saturday we took a little touristy walking tour of the city. Walked around with pops and Nelufar Maami… mommy was a bit too jet lagged. Arrived at Trafular Square. Walked down past Prime Minister’s place, to Parliament.

Saw good ol Big Ben. It was interesting that there was a statue of Abe Lincoln just a block from Parliment. There was some anti-war protest signs outside of Parliment.


Abey Baby

Entrance to Parliment

Anti-War Protest Signs

It was funny to see Jay-Z's picture on all the double decker buses for some sort of Reebok ad.

Ma Dog

Made it down to St Jame's Park and Buckingham Palace. Dinner that night was at a Bangladeshi restaurant. My cousin Imran is the real finance business guru of the family… Got a ride in his schmancy BMW. Fatina, his wife is a sweetheart. I think it was sociology that she got her PhD in, studying the migration of women from Sri Lanka to London (hope I didn’t botch that too much) and is now working with a welfare organization.


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