So I’m jumping on the blog-bandwagon. I figured that for the next year while I’m out of the country in Bangladesh, instead of bothering people with a flood of impersonal mass emails, I would post it all in a one of these hip and trendy blog thingies, so that those interested could read about my life as they pleased. I have an affinity towards digression and half of what I write will probably be more like journal entries for myself to reread one day than anything else... but enjoy...

Friday, September 23, 2005

Down the coast

One night we went down the street to meet my father's good friend from his school days, Nanda... One of the first times I've really seen pops with a serious drunken buzz going on. It was just a joy to observe the dynamics of he and his old school mates, a glimpse as to what life was like 50 years ago.

Another night we went out with for a nice Indian dinner with Maq Maama, Golnar Maami, Iqbal, and Shala.

Dinner with the Fam
(ummm... the waiter couldn't get the picture right,
so we obviously aren't too happy about it)

Wednesday night we went to the opening night of a week-long drum festival in Sri Lanka. They had drummers from all over the globe. We saw Kandian dancers, Iranian drummers, and a lively bunch from Cote D'Ivoire.

Kandian Drummers

Thursday we were up early and pop and I went for a drive down the coast with Ismeth Maama to view some of the tsunami devastation. I realize the insensitivity of viewing death and destruction as a tourist, but I don't know what to say. This is something that happened so recently that I wanted to see first hand what I'd been seeing in the news and reading about for months. Maybe wanted to see it to make the whole thing more real in my head... I don't know... I felt strange taking pictures of destruction, but felt I had to document the experience. It was disheartening to see first hand, but it was evident that people were busy rebuilding livilhoods and continuing with what they had to do... life went on...

Tsunami Devastation


Drove down the the city of Galle. Walked around a lovely Dutch (I think) church. Got a tour of a gorgeous renovated Amangalla hotel managed by one of Ismeth Maama's friends. The city was alive and kicking because there was a big volleyball tournament going on.

Kids playing under tree

Dutch Chruch at Galle

Amangalla Hotel pool

Galle Volleyball Tournament

On the ride home we bought some bananas for Yas Maami's birthday present and of course saw an elephant in the rode.
Roadside Market

You know you're in Sri Lanka when...

Face Bleaching?!?

Thurday night was Yas Maami's birthday... yay! She even got a singing candle... yay! We sqeezed four in a tuk-tuk to the restaurant.

Shiny Happy People



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